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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pub Wit !

Yeah, it must have been a Heineken Cup game screened on Sky Sports.
If it was a league game I would have watched it at home on TG4 under the heading of Rugby Beo.
My wife decided that the Sky sports channel was an expensive luxury that we could no longer afford and cancelled the subscription.
It suited me fine as I could head off to the pub and enjoy the craic with like minded idiots.

The Moonduster Inn was packed to the rafters with Munster supporters, supping dirty black pints, poking out the best position to get a good view of the TV and chatting about the impending battle with arch rivals Ulster.

The game was being played at Raven hill in Belfast.
The Red hand of Ulster was blazing on the Chests of the Ulster Warriors.
The evening was chilly and the breaths of the players puffed out like smoke in the sub zero temperatures as they emerged from the tunnel.
The Mighty men of Munster in their traditional red kit formed a huddle on the far side of the pitch after completing their warm-up exercises.
The Hosts, Ulster, kitted out in white formed a similar huddle on the near side below the main stand.
This was hostile territory.
The referee was jogging on the spot to keep warm in between the two teams.
He stopped and checked his watch.
It was 6.00pm exactly when he blew the whistle for the teams to take up their positions.
Suddenly Paul O’Connell, the Munster captain broke from the Munster huddle and walked over towards the referee.
“Jazes, what’s Paulie up to” shouted some one in the pub.
“Looks like he’s going to have a word with the referee before the game starts” some one else shouted.
“No, No, it’s exactly six O clock and he’s probably asking the referee to delay the kick off so the lads can say the Angelus” some wit chipped in.
The place erupted with laughter.

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