What's that hanging from the starboards bow? book image

About the book

Generally speaking, nothing that you will read in this book will confirm the theory that sailing and more importantly yacht racing is the preserve of the bronzed muscular athletic multi-millionaires that see themselves as Formula 1 drivers.


This book is both a humorous and tongue in cheek study of the characters that drive the boats and of boats as characters. It gives us a chance to see up close the man wearing the peaky cap and Ray-Bans, known as the skipper, who generally acts like an egotistical megalomaniac on the boat and a mild mannered friend ashore, while at the same time, those who are termed ‘Crew’ think that being called a bollux is a compliment.



For those that don’t like to laugh, there is a health warning. Readers will not need to be ‘Yachty’ people to enjoy this book as an idiot's guide is provided with each chapter to help those that don’t know their bow from their stern.

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